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Corpotivo suite is a one-stop centre that provides needed assistance for start ups and entrepreneurs to progress in their respective fields.

About us

we provide information, places and even office supplies for entrepreneurs who are just starting a business.we also help you find professional services in various fields.When you’re an early-stage company focused on building your business and attracting seed capital, you might not be able to afford all the time and attention that pursuing traditional financing demands, Thats why Corpotivo provide  the right platform, you can tell your business’s story, produce a quick video, set up some enticing rewards, and benefit from having everything in one centralized location where potential backers can find you.Plus, what’s the point of hiring a fulltime employee, and forking out yet another salary and dishing out more company benefits, when you only need that graphic design work done for your twice-a-year campaigns? therefore we provide services to find freelancers to help you complete your work


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We will provide the perfect assistance you need to perfectly advance your startup and SME.

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 we can provide you with the assistance you need anytime, anywhere.

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provides needed assistance for start ups and entrepreneurs

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get in touch with us and clear your doubts using our mobile friendly app.

Our Team

we provide information, places and even office supplies for entrepreneurs who are just starting a business..

Namazee Nizam

Chief Technology Officer

Namazee Nizam is the Chief Technology Officer and also a cofounder of Corpotivo. Before this, Namazee is the Senior Lecturer of Asia Pacific University.Namazee holds a Masters Degree in Information Technology

Wan Rizal Ahmad

Chief Executive Officer

Wan Rizal is the Chief Executive Officer and a founder of Corpotivo. Accounting and finance is his forte as well as owning a few other ventures. Wan Rizal holds a Executive Master Degree in Management.

Nurul Asyiqin

Corporate Communication

Nurul Asyiqin is person in charge for corporate communications of Corpotivo. She holds a Diploma in Corporate Communications and currently pursing her Degree in Public Relations.

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This typically results in increased productivity, motivation, teamwork, creativity, and potential business opportunities for everyone from freelancers to small businesses and large corporations..

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Recent surveys and research suggests people are more productive and creative when working from a coworking space..

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